For over 20 years I have been networking across the globe and have established relationships with many of the key players from promoters to matchmakers, sanctioning bodies and agents. I can identify suitable opponents - negotiate contractual terms and liase with sanctioning bodies if necessary. 


I have a proven and demonstrated history of being able to develop career plans providing direction and identifying opponents & titles to get you to where you need to be. I can arrange anything from title challenges abroad to international sparring partners / gyms and specialised skills coaches and the likes. 


Over the years i have developed media strategies to provide international and local exposure. I can arrange for interviews with print sports journalists and respected scribes within the electronic media. I can write media statements issuing challenges or post fight reports / schedule press conferences and the likes. I have solid long established relationships with many within the media to maximize your exposure / brand.

RATINGS ANALYSIS - Personalised reports

I prepare detailed analytical reports on your weight division. These reports identify the weak links within the 4 major sanctioning bodies top 15 rated boxers along with a chart detailing who holds what regional titles along with their contact details. The report also tables the top 100 BoxRec rated fighters in your division - again detailing and identifying obvious routes enabling you to maximize your ratings movement.  

BIO / PROFILE development

I create these bio / profile pages which can be used for brand building and awareness to assisting in securing sponsorship. I can create these documents and send via email for as little as $250 or in a self managed web site which you can update and manage as simple as you could with a Facebook profile page. Simply type in your password and alter / insert text and upload new images as you want. I create these pages including domain name registration for $850 including hosting for 12 months with a minimal annual subsription beyond that. I provide support via phone / email for 12 months ensuring you have trouble free management of your site.