1. Dec, 2016

Joseph Parker matchmaker: Anthony Joshua has flaws


By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Stuart Duncan who is the matchmaker for WBO #3, IBF #10, WBC #11, WBA #12 Joseph Parker talks to Fightnews and gives his opinion on WBC #2, WBA #13, IBF #9 Anthony Joshua and explains what he’d seen in Joshua’s victory over Dillian Whyte in London last Saturday

“I noticed Joshua’s mouth gaping in early rounds and sticking the chin out with the shoulder down,” Duncan said.”Whyte didn’t fight the right fight and definitely came into the fight too fat. For a fight that was Whyte’s biggest opportunity to date, it’s almost like Whyte didn’t take the fight seriously. Whyte was flapping his mouth off before the fight, but he should have been snapping his punches out during the fight.

“To create the chinks in the armour of Anthony Joshua, and I would normally say he’s a fairly complete fighter, but I see flaws in him after the Whyte fight. I’m not saying that to sing the song that Joseph Parker beats Anthony Joshua. Joseph Parker is a work in progress as well and there are components of his style that his trainer Kevin Barry is working on.

“I suppose the most enlightening thing I’ve seen out of the Whyte vs. Joshua fight is to read the postfight comments and you read what Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn had to say. Both of them are singing the same song.

“What Joshua said was I tested myself but I really didn’t pass the test. Joshua recognizes he has a lot of things to work on. Eddie Hearn also recognises that. So it was a valuable fight and a very good lesson.

“It’s easy for me to be a critic when Joseph Parker has been in cruise control bowling his opponents over without getting any rounds in. He has only fought twelve rounds in five fights. Has that been by choice? Certainly not. We thought his last opponent Daniel Martz would have given us more rounds. We thought Saglam, the German champion, would have given us more rounds. We thought Kali Meehan would have gone better than he did as he had defeated Shane Cameron over the distance – so he had gas in the tank.”

“I’m the matchmaker and it my focus to give Parker fights that give him the rounds. The list goes on and on of the top rated heavyweights we have offered substantial money to fight Parker but was refused. The heavyweights that were at the level that I thought could give Joseph some rounds – were not prepared to fight him.”

Joseph Parker is scheduled to clash with American heavyweight Jason Bergman on January 23rd in Samoa on a Duco Events Promotion.