1. Dec, 2016

Ikeke Who ? Number 2 – that’s who


01.10.05 – By Stuart Duncan: As the circus continues with the 160 lb division, Kinglsey Ikeke has emerged as the clown act. Sam Soliman is the IBF # 1 middleweight in the world. He has been calling out Bernard Hopkins or Jermain Taylor for 2 years and has openly welcomed any opportunity to fight anyone who got in his road to get to this position. He fought number two for the number one position 12 months ago and has fought 4 times since with his most recent defeating rated Fernando Zuniga..

Kingsley who ? Number two that’s who, await your turn you clown! We read this garbage from your management re “HBO don’t want Soliman style wise” – what a crock of sh**! If Winky don’t fight Soliman it will be for the same reason Hopkins & Taylor have avoided him – they know they’ll get beat. Style wise ? Sam throws more punches per round than most boxers in any division and has racked up 19 consecutive wins which tells you most of them land. Not exciting enough for you ? He has stopped 8 of his last 10 opponents – defeated numerous rated and undefeated opponents Nader Hamden 32-0 (WBC # 3 at the time) – Olympic prospect and still undefeated Sakio Bika 20-1 – tough English southpaw Eric Teymour 18-1 – WBA # 9 Satoru Suzuki to mention a few. As Dan Goossen has stated – Sam Soliman bring to the ring something not quite seen in the ring since Prince Naseem Hamed reigned supreme.

Another interesting thing to note, when did Ikeke call out Soliman? Never is the simple answer because he’s like most in the division that see Sam as too much of a risk, not because the broadcaster doesn’t like the style.

We will fight Winky anytime anywhere because he’s the other number one rated boxer and were sick of the waiting game. How many boxers have secured the number one position and gone on to fight 4 times risking their position each time ?

If Winky don’t fight Soliman, it won’t be because of the broadcaster – it will be lack of balls.

Stuart Duncan