1. Dec, 2016

Duncan fires back at Schroder


By Paul Upham: Australian manager Stuart Duncan has fired back at Germany’s Olaf Schroder and his comments on Sam Soliman this week in, an exclusive open letter to SecondsOut.

An Open Letter to Olaf Schroder

Firstly Olaf -opportunism, you my friend look like the opportunist here, what on earth does comments regarding Howard Eastman have to do with you?

Now lets work with the facts, Olaf!

Sam Soliman’s comments regarding Howard Eastman running scared were made in response to his statement made after the Beardsley fight that all the boxers were running scared from him. As it stated quite clearly in the article at SecondsOut, we have on numerous occasions put in place challenges to Howard Eastman to have him defend his Commonwealth title against Sam Soliman.

All of these challenges were also sent to the British Boxing Board of Control and the ANBF president Brad Vocale. Thus our comment in saying that this is not true, because here is one person that most certainly is not running scared, and if anything Eastman is in fact the one running scared.

As far as opportunism is concerned here, wouldn’t you think that if we were trying to "belittle" Eastman that we would have made media statements earlier than now?

No we have not, we simply reacted to a statement made by Eastman himself, if this makes us loud-mouthed Aussies then we can live with that.

The Eastman-Soliman bout was a close one, and yes we most certainly would love a rematch (like plenty have done in the past) as is evident by our continual placement of challenges (not media statements as you suggested).

Your accusation that Sam belittles boxers and a week passes by without you challenging or bad mouthing someone, makes you an absolute fool, Olaf. That is a totally unfounded statement and I challenge you to back your comments up with fact.

Guess what, you cant!

In the past 12 months we have issued challenges to Howard Eastman, Robert Allen, Maselino Masoe and we have let it be known that undisputed middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins is who we are chasing. That's four challenges in 52 weeks of the year, which means 48 weeks without a challenge.

As far as belittling any boxers, we have only ever tried to intimidate one person into the ring and that is Anthony Mundine. If you were aware of the facts behind the Mundine scenario you would think differently. I’d suggest that you don’t know the facts so again I say to you stop being an opportunist and don’t pass comment if you don’t know what you are talking about.

Regarding your comments about watching grass grow, I was in his corner at the Soliman-Joval fight in Amsterdam. Can you explain to me what happened there, Ray forgot to bring the lawn mower into the ring? Cause it was very nearly Joval that got mowed down on the night.

You have nothing better to do with your time so you pen comments on topics you obviously know very little about. Get a life Olaf!

People who know the real Sam Soliman know it’s not in his character to run around bagging other boxers. He simply wants to fight the best boxers at middleweight in the world today.

Stuart Duncan
Melbourne, Australia